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What should you pay attention to when the jaw crusher is being used for maintenance?

Author:Xinhai     Time:2019-10-11 14:08:23

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The jaw crusher is composed of a motor, a pulley, an eccentric shaft, a moving jaw, a static sill, a box body, a lining adjustment device, a counterweight wheel and the like. During operation, the motor drives the pulley on the eccentric shaft, the pulley drives the eccentric shaft, and the eccentric shaft drives the moving part. The moving cymbal starts to move eccentrically with the eccentric shaft, and the V-shaped crushing cavity is roughly between the moving and the static. When the stone enters the crushing chamber, it falls between the moving and the static, and begins to squeeze the material continuously.

In order to ensure the capacity of the jaw crusher and reduce the failure in production, what problems should be paid attention to during the maintenance and maintenance of the jaw crusher?

(1) If the working place of the equipment is high temperature environment, then the jaw crusher can be placed in the ventilation position, which can ensure the heat dissipation of the motor work, which is an effective scheme to extend the service life of the motor;

(2) During the process of use, check the tool screws of the smashing machine regularly. After using the new machine for 1 hour, use the tool to fasten the screws of the moving knife and the fixed knife to strengthen the fixing between the blade and the tool holder. Regularly lubricate various parts.

The unique advantages of the jaw crusher:
1. The mixing uniformity of the two materials is good, and the addition amount of the desulfurized limestone is greatly improved. The dosage can reach 60%, which effectively reduces the cost of raw materials.
2. The crushing of large limestone can be completed. The maximum crushing particle size is 1000*1200mm, which effectively solves the problem that the original “the limestone supply is tight and the large amount of large limestone cannot be used.”
3. Effectively improve the labor intensity and working environment of workers. Due to the high level of automation of the limestone crusher, no manual contact with materials is required and the working conditions of the workers are greatly improved.
4, the waste particle size is small, only 2-15mm effectively solves the problem that the original limestone has a large particle size, often blocking the slippery and even affecting the output of the mill.

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