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How to remove the motor of the sand making machine

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-07-27 13:56:04

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Sand making machine is a common fine crushing sand making equipment with simple structure, reliable quality and energy saving. It is one of the indispensable key equipment in mining, met urgy, building materials, construction and other fields.

The motor is also a motor, and its main function is to generate mechanical drive torque as a power source for the operation of various electrical appliances and machinery. In the crusher equipment, the motor plays a very important role, but for the disassembly of the motor, not everyone will explain the motor disassembly method of the sand making machine.

 1, First remove the external wiring of the motor and make a mark. For example, for an asynchronous motor, make the mark corresponding to the three-phase power line. For a DC motor, make the shunt winding, armature winding, etc. and external Marking corresponding to the wiring. Then loosen the foot screws to separate the motor from the transmission mechanism.

2, Use tools to remove the pulley or coupling on the motor shaft. Sometimes it is necessary to add some kerosene to the gap between the motor shaft of the pulley to make it penetrate and lubricate for easy disassembly. Some shafts and wheels are tightly matched, and the wheels need to be heated quickly (while covering the shaft with a damp cloth) before the wheels can be removed.

3, For motors equipped with rolling bearings, * remove the bearing cover, then loosen the fastening screws of the end cover, and mark the joints between the end cover and the housing shell (marks of the front and rear end covers) Should not be the same), screw the removed screws that fasten the end cover into the two speci y set screw holes on the end cover of the motor, and push the end cover out. For motors without such screw holes, you can only use a chisel (also c ed a flat shovel) and a hammer to hit the joint between the end cover and the base to remove the end cover from the base. If the end cap is heavy, use lifting equipment to lift the end cap and remove it gradu y.

4, When removing a motor with brushes, remove the brushes from the brush holder. When removing the DC motor, mark the position of the neutral wire of the brushes.

5, When pulling out the rotor, you be careful not to damage the stator coil. If the rotor is not heavy, you can pull it out by hand; if the weight is heavier, you should use lifting equipment to lift it out. First, cover both ends of the rotor shaft of the crusher with a hoisting steel wire rope to hang the rotor with a hoisting equipment, and slowly move it out, taking care to prevent the coil from being damaged. Then put a steel pipe on one end of the shaft. In order to prevent the steel pipe from scratching the journal, the steel pipe can be lined with a layer of thick cardboard to continue to move the rotor out gradu y. When the rotor has moved outside the stator, place it under the end of the rotor shaft. Pad a bracket, put the steel wire rope in the middle of the rotor, and then the rotor can be fully drawn out. 

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