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How to choose lubricating oil for sand making machine

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-07-13 14:39:23

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The sand making machine used in the sand making machine equipment industry cannot lack one thing in production, that is, lubricating oil. Sand making machine equipment has certain technical requirements for the selection of lubricating oil. This does not mean that any kind of oil can be used at will. Next, let's briefly understand the selection of lubricating oil in sand making machine equipment, as follows:  
1, Since the use environment of the sand making machine equipment is relatively harsh and there are more dust and impurities, the lubricating oil is more likely to be polluted. Therefore, it is required that the lubricating oil injected into the sand making machine equipment has good anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-emulsification properties; at the same time, it is also required that the basic properties of the lubricating oil cannot be changed too much, and the sensitivity to pollution should be minimal.  

2,When the sand making machine equipment is used in the open air, the temperature changes ly in summer and winter, so the viscosity of this kind of lubrication is required to be relatively sm . It cannot be said that the viscosity is low at high temperatures and cannot form a lubricating film. Can not play the role of lubrication, nor can it be said that at low temperatures, the viscosity is so high that it is difficult to start and run.   

3, Sand making machine equipment If sand making machine equipment is used in places prone to fire and explosion accidents, it is required to use a good fire-resistant lubricant (refractory liquid) and not use flammable mineral oil.  
4, The lubricant of the sand making machine is required to have good adaptability to the seals to avoid damage to the seals.

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