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What are the common faults and treatment methods of circular vibrating screen

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-07-07 14:38:28

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The common troubleshooting methods of circular vibrating screen in work mainly include the following. The circular vibrating screen produced by Jiaozuo Xinhai uses a cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and an offset block to adjust the amplitude. The material screening line is long and the screening specifications are many. It has the characteristics of reliable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, low vibration and noise, sturdiness and durability.  


The common troubleshooting methods of circular vibrating screen are as follows:   

1, There is too much material on the sieve surface of the circular vibrating screen, and the method of cleaning the material on the sieve surface can be adopted;   

2, Insufficient voltage, you can change the power supply mode;   

3, The motor of the circular vibrating screen is damaged, the motor can be replaced;   

4, If the vibrator fails, the vibrator can be repaired;   

5,If the electrical components in the control circuit are damaged, the electrical components can be replaced;   

6, The grease in the circular vibrating screen thickens and agglomerates, clean the vibrator and update the method of adding suitable grease. 

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