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Brief introduction of the impact crusher maintenance

Author:Xinhai     Time:2017-07-31 10:07:15

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    In recent years, with the continuous development of the mining machinery industry and the continuous progress of the economy, China's gravel industry in the continuous development, especially the demand for gravel crusher equipment continues to increase, and as a professional gravel crusher equipment Manufacturers, Xinhai Heavy Industry has many years of production experience, specializing in the production has excellent performance of gravel crusher equipment, and counterattack crusher as a common crusher equipment, is based on the jaw crusher on the continuous development of innovation, The counter-crusher simplifies the pulverizing process and is very promising for gravel crusher equipment.

impact crusher

    Impact crusher with high efficiency, small size, simple structure, broken than large, low energy consumption, production capacity, product size and other advantages of good features, and the ability to selectively break, this is a very promising equipment. The biggest drawback of the counter-crusher is that it's particularly easy to wear. In order to effectively extend the service life of the impact crusher, operators should know some of the maintenance of crusher common sense.


    1.the new machine in the operation after the completion of the work every day to check, about two weeks the operator should conduct a comprehensive inspection, impact crusher need to have a more comprehensive monthly inspection, equipment, motor and lubrication should have a Weekly comprehensive inspection.
    2.check the main components such as plate hammer, backplane and liner wear, and combine the maintenance cycle to establish a system for regular maintenance and replacement.
    3.when the counter-crusher rotor in operation, the rotor and the impact of the gap adjustment gap gap can not be adjusted. 

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