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What should the mobile stone crusher be used for the first time?

Author:Xinhai     Time:2017-08-02 14:27:00

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Mobile stone crusher equipment is not idle for a long time in the humid air will rust, do not use when doing the maintenance work, be carried out before the full use of inspection and maintenance, should * run for a period of time to ensure that the equipment Safe and normal operation. Do not overload operation, overload operation will accelerate the reduction of mobile crusher life, should be in strict accordance with the operating instructions to correctly operate mobile stone crusher, and regular maintenance.

mobile impact crusher.jpg

1. Check whether the screws of the fixed machine are loose and whether the foundation of the machine is too soft.
2. Review whether there are foreign bodies in the crushing chamber of the mobile stone crusher, including the materials left in the cavity during the last processing, various production tools, wire, iron and so on.
3. To review the safe approach to mobile stone crushers.
4. to review the machine's bearings and other places need to smooth smooth smooth, thin oil station in the smooth agent can be short.

mobile crusher  station.jpg

The mobile stone crusher is a machine that often wears high-strength grinding, but if it does not do well before the use of the mobile stone crusher, it will affect the production and, in serious cases, the mobile crusher Damaged, causing serious safety accidents. Therefore, in the use of the necessary preparatory tasks, we can at a certain level to reduce the chance of machine failure, these so-c ed problems can be solved.

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