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How to deal with the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher facing the iron clear cavity

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-04-08 13:40:02

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In the mining processing line, the cone crusher occupies an important position and there are many series. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, compound cone crusher and Simmons cone crusher have a unified name, namely Cone crusher. Cone crusher has the advantages of strong production capacity, high crushing efficiency, and adjustable particle size of the finished product. It is often used for the processing of high hardness and large block stone. During the processing, iron protection, cleaning of the crushing cavity, and adjustment of discharge The three parts jointly ensure the running state of the crusher and the quality of the finished product. It can be seen that the lack of any structure and function will reduce the production capacity, but the working process of the three in different types is completely different. This article will share with you the single cylinder and the multiple The working process of iron passing, cavity cleaning, and discharge port of the cylinder cone crusher helps everyone to better distinguish.

1, Cone crusher's over-iron protection work process: The work process of single-cylinder cone crusher's over-iron protection is to inject hydraulic oil into the accumulator, which will help the main shaft to fall and promote the discharge of foreign objects and iron blocks. After the iron-passing work is completed, The accumulator will press the hydraulic oil to its original state, and the crusher can continue to work. The multi-cylinder cone crusher is equipped with a hydraulic safety device. When iron occurs, the discharge port will be enlarged and the discharge of foreign matter will be promoted.

2, The process of cleaning the crushing cavity by the cone crusher itself: the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is the same as the internal device used for iron-pass protection when cleaning the cavity, which is a hydraulic pump. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher itself contains a cavity cleaning system. When a large foreign body is stuck in the discharge port, the cavity cleaning system is used to further expand the discharge port until the foreign body is discharged from the crushing cavity, and then it is restored to the original state by the hydraulic device And location, the entire device can operate normally.

3,The difference between single-cylinder cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher discharge port adjustment: the discharge port of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly adjusted by moving the upper and lower positions of the main shaft, and the movement of the main shaft position is adjusted by the oil pump It is realized by draining oil to adjust the finished crushed stone to the ideal particle size. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adjusts the adjustment cap by pushing the hand to drive the adjustment ring to rotate to achieve the purpose of adjusting the discharge port. 

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