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What to do after the impact crusher is used for maintenance

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-04-06 13:44:24

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The impact crusher is mainly used in the process of processing stone, and the work tasks are relatively heavy and the working environment is relatively harsh. Therefore, after the counterattack crusher has been working for a period of time (usually after three to five years of use), some large and small failures will often occur. Many users think that the manufacturer's equipment is not good, the publicity is not true, and so on. In fact, counterattack is in daily work, as long as the daily maintenance work is done, the frequency of equipment strikes can be greatly reduced. But in fact, many users may be familiar with the operation of counterattack, but they do not understand some maintenance knowledge of counterattack. Next, we will teach you to understand and learn some correct maintenance techniques for counterattack.

Routine equipment maintenance can start from the following aspects:
1,Equipment inspection
① When the new equipment is put into operation, the operator on duty must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine before starting it. Including the tightening of motors, fixed parts, belt drives, bearing seals, and electrical switches.
 ②The main parts of the machine, such as blow bars, impact liners, and liners, must be inspected weekly. If parts are found to be severely worn during the inspection, they should be replaced in time.
③Check the bolts and anchor bolts at various parts every day to see if they are loose or damaged, and tighten or replace them in time.
④ Inspect each part of the joints and welds every week for cracks and breaks. If they occur, they must be re-welded to ensure safe production. In order not to affect the operation of the impact crusher, the impact crusher must be inspected on time when working. And the desired amount of crushing is to meet the customer's expected requirements, in addition to timely inspections, but also regular maintenance, such as lubrication and overhaul.

2,Equipment lubrication Frequent attention and timely lubrication of the friction surface can effectively extend the service life of the equipment. The lubricating oil used in the counter-breaking lubrication should be determined according to the location of the machine, the temperature and other conditions. Generally, calcium-sodium-based lubricating oil can be used. Lubricating oil is added to the bearing after every eight hours of work and replaced every three months. Grease once, use clean gasoline or kerosene to carefully clean the bearing when changing the oil. The grease added to the bearing housing is 50% of the volume.

3, Adjust It is also very important to adjust the relevant parts during the crushing operation of the impact crusher. Regular adjustment of the gap between the rotor and the impact liner can effectively control the discharge specifications at any time and provide users with qualified materials. It should be noted that when the rotor of the stone crusher is running, the gap between the rotor and the opposed bushing cannot be adjusted. In addition, the adjustment work between the bottom of the feed inlet and the gap between the blower should be done regularly.
4,Repair Even if the maintenance is good, the impact crusher will inevitably have various minor problems after a certain number of years of use. Maintenance is to reduce and prevent the occurrence of failures, but when failures inevitably occur, repairing minor failures in a timely manner can effectively reduce the frequency of replacement of parts and reduce the severity of the problem. The impact crusher repair includes minor repair, medium repair and overhaul, and repairs should be carried out according to the actual conditions during the specific operation.

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