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Cobblestone crushing is more profitable by choosing jaw crushers

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-04-12 13:55:32

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Cobblestone is also river pebble, the main component is silicon dioxide, but also contains iron oxide, manganese, copper, aluminum and other elements and compounds. Cobblestone is an ideal high-efficiency building material. Because of its hard quality, good compression resistance, wear-resistance and corrosion resistance, it is a popular high-efficiency building material and is widely used in construction and road construction industries.

Cobblestone must go through a crushing process before being used in various industries to reach a suitable particle size before it can be used. However, it is hard and wear-resistant, resulting in relatively difficult processing, and higher requirements on the rigidity of the cobblestone crushing processing equipment. The coarse crushing of pebbles usually uses a jaw crusher.

The jaw breaking of low-cost investment and high-yield return

Rough pebbles crushing equipment-jaw crusher, can crush high-hardness river pebbles, with high local pressure, thick jaws, large span of jaw teeth, large bending moments, and narrow and deep jaws. Because the pebbles are hard in quality, have natural characteristics such as compression resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, they have high requirements for the abrasion of the equipment, and the jaw crusher is just right to meet this need.

The cobblestone jaw crusher adopts the theory of rock-to-stone crushing. The crushed materials have less wear on the machine, and the main wearing parts are made of high wear-resistant materials. They are made through a certain treatment process, and the loss in production is better. Each component has a long service life. During the entire crushing process of cobblestones, the materials impact and crush by themselves without direct contact with the metal components in the equipment. The ingenious airflow self-circulation inside the vortex cavity eliminates dust pollution and reduces dust pollution in production. The crushing machinery is more productive.

Cobblestone jaw crusher performance advantages
1,Large crushing ratio and low loss Using the principle of selective crushing of materials, the crushing cavity is filled with feed materials, and advanced hydraulic devices are used. Different pressures can be selected according to the hardness of the materials. This makes the equipment operation more stable and reliable, and the mechanical action is more sufficient. The crushing ratio of the equipment is comparable to that of similar equipment. More than doubled.

2,Long life of wear parts After being squeezed, sheared and kneaded in the crushing cavity, the materials play the role of crushing and self-crushing, so that the wall of the crushing cavity avoids direct contact, effectively prevents the liners from wearing each other, and avoids the material being contaminated by metal contaminants. Thereby, the degree of wearing parts of the machine is reduced, and the service life of the wear parts of the equipment is effectively prolonged.    


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