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How to deal with the main components of the jaw crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-03-24 10:39:12

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The installation quality of the jaw crusher is related to the stable production of the equipment in the later stage, so it is very important. During the installation of the equipment, special attention should be paid to the installation quality of the main components of the jaw crusher. This article introduces the installation of the main components of the jaw crusher.
1,Maintenance of moving jaw bearing
Routine maintenance of the movable jaw bearing usually only arranges for cleaning and oil change, and it is not necessary to replace the bearing. The usual method is to pull the bearing and the eccentric shaft out of the bearing cavity for processing, but it is very troublesome to reassemble the precessing jaw body after the maintenance of the bearing and the confidence shaft.

 According to the practical experience of our factory, the movable jaw body that removes the pulley can be hoisted out and placed on the work site, and the supporting bearings and bushings at both ends can be removed. Then support the bearing at one end of the movable jaw body to make the movable jaw body inclined, and screw the screw into the two gland screw holes at the shaft end of the high-end eccentric shaft, and use a short rod to rotate the eccentric shaft to make the bearing reciprocate Rotate, and wash the upper bearing with a towel soaked in diesel fuel (the lower bearing can also be cleaned when the diesel flows into the lower bearing), and the lower outlet is used to catch the oil with an oil basin. Repeatedly cyclically flush the bearing, the bearing can be cleaned quickly, if necessary It can be cleaned in the same way from the other end, then checked and refueled, so that the maintenance work can be completed quickly and easily.

2, Assembly of the pulley
When hoisting a pulley only, it is generally difficult to align the flat key on the eccentric shaft with the keyway on the pulley, and the bare eccentric shaft cannot rotate, and it is very difficult to rotate the hanging pulley. At this time, the two screw holes at the other end of the eccentric shaft can be screwed, and it is very easy to rotate with a short stick. At the same time, apply mechanical oil to the processed inner hole of the pulley (including the keyway) and the assembly surface of the eccentric shaft (including the flat key), hammer symmetrically with two heads at the same time, and turn the eccentric shaft appropriately to make the focus point. Change the position so that the pulley can be quickly assembled in place.

3,The treatment of the bolts of the movable jaw tooth plate
The bolts of the movable jaw tooth plate that have not been treated in any way, after the jaw crusher is used for a period of time, the long bolt holes are usually filled with dust and rusted. It is very difficult to take out, or even impossible in severe cases. take out.

In fact, when assembling the movable jaw pressing block screw, in advance, wrap the pressing block screw with as*os thread around the two ports of the screw hole on the moving jaw body to block the gap so that the dust cannot penetrate into the screw hole, so that next time It is easy to remove the pressure block bolts, and it will not affect the tightening effect of the pressure block bolts.

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