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What are the common faults of the lubrication system in the cone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-03-26 14:06:09

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In the whole cone crusher, it consists of frame, hydraulic system, power system, crushing system, lubrication system, control system, etc. Any system failure will affect the production efficiency of the cone crusher, so we should regularly and regularly Check the internal conditions of the crusher. After the lubrication system in the cone crusher is abnormal, it is very likely to cause other systems to fail to operate normally. A series of failures will cause the entire machine to "paralyze" and be forced to shut down. Common faults in the lubrication system of cone crushers include unreasonable lubricating oil temperature, unreasonable oil flow, turbidity, decreased cleanliness, and excessive lubrication. This article shares with you the common failures of cone crushers and the corresponding solutions.

1,The lubricating oil temperature of the cone crusher is unreasonable: the following we mainly analyze the phenomenon of the increase of the lubricating oil temperature. If the cooling fan is abnormal, it accumulates too much dust, etc., which results in a poor heat dissipation effect, and the internal heat is not timely Discharge, causing the temperature of the lubricating oil to increase; when the internal iron of the cone crusher causes the parts to burn out, a lot of heat is generated, and the temperature of the lubricating oil increases. We should check and repair the cooling fan in time, and prevent foreign objects from entering the crushing cavity.

2, The cleanliness of the lubricating oil of the cone crusher is low: when the dust-proof sealing ring in the cone crusher is damaged or the gap is too large, the dust and dust outside the machine will enter the machine, resulting in excessive impurities mixed into the lubricating oil, and the cleanliness will be reduced . For this reason, the staff should replace the damaged seal ring and adjust the gap reasonably.

3,Excessive lubrication of the cone crusher: The amount of lubricating oil in the cone crusher is not as much as possible. A large amount of lubricating oil is added to the lubrication system, and the lubricating oil is not discharged in time. The difference between the two is too large. It is called over-lubrication. This phenomenon will increase the temperature of the bearing and shorten its life. Therefore, we should add a reasonable amount of oil and observe the smooth flow of oil discharge. 

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