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Solutions to common faults of sand making machine

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1,Abnormal collisions and noises occur inside the sand making machine. When the sand making machine is working, the material is hit and impacted by the impeller and the counterattack liner in the crushing chamber. After long-term use, the equipment's counterattack liner and the connecting bolts of the impeller device will loosen, and even cause the vulnerable parts to f off. It is easy to cause collisions of parts and components, and abnormal noise; the equipment should be shut down for maintenance, and the wearing parts should be tightened to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2, The body of the sand making machine oscillates violently when it is working. The main wearing part of the sand making machine is the high-speed rotating impeller device. When the impeller is severely worn, it is easy to operate the sand making machine when the machine body swings too much; in addition, the feeding granularity of the equipment is too large, and there is a phenomenon in the discharge flow channel. Material blockage is also the cause of the vibration of the sand making machine body. During maintenance, the worn impeller should be replaced in time. The gap feeding particle size should ensure uniform and continuous feeding, and the material transmission channel of the equipment should be cleaned to keep the equipment unblocked.

3, The bearings of the sand making machine are overheated. Bearing overheating is gener y caused by insufficient lubricant addition to bearing wear or dust entering the bearing parts. The specific solution is to regularly add lubricant to the bearing or clean the bearing, replace the damaged bearing, and ensure that no dust enters.

4, The idling resistance of the sand making machine is too large. The equipment should be idling for a short time after it is started. Feeding production can only start after idling is normal. When too much material is stuffed into the sealing cover on the bearing during idling, a er idling resistance will be generated, and it should be opened at this time. The upper sealing cover removes clogged materials to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

5, The granularity of the finished product of the sand making machine is too large. If the V-belt of the discharge port of the sand making machine is too loose, it is easy to cause the granularity of the finished product to be too large. The size of the discharge port be adjusted in time, and the V-belt should be tightened to keep the size of the discharge port consistent and the finished product size uniform.

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