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What should be paid attention to during the use of cone crusher

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Compared with the jaw crusher and the impact crusher, the cone crusher has different advantages, but the cone crusher is more suitable for some industries, ore processing and other places. However, some enterprises will Causes problems such as large dust in the production process.
In the process of use, because the main components of the cone crusher include the material materials that are crushed in other crushing stations, and then slide down into the cone crusher, use the gears in the crusher to adjust to the required crushing turntable hole, and pass After repeated grinding and crushing, it flows out from the recovery hole, and the raw material after dyeing is refined into the desired shape.

Gener y, in the process of using a cone crusher, the * thing to consider is whether the material can be refined in the crusher, and whether the hardness of the material can be withstood by the cone crusher. Also look at the degree of wear resistance of the raw materials, whether it can be worn by the cone crusher, if not, please use the cone crusher carefully and change it to a crusher with other .
In the process of use, not only consider the nature of the material, but also pay attention to other problems of the cone crusher. First of , we prevent safety problems. When inst ing the cone crusher, each screw be tightened and the original parts controlled by the cover be tightened. Make it reasonably firm, and then pay attention to the reasonable combination during production. Don't use this crushing for materials, so as not to damage the machine and cause unnecessary trouble.

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