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What to do to improve the efficiency of cone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2021-02-22 13:26:53

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In order to improve the production efficiency of the cone crusher, it is necessary to reduce the failure rate of the cone crusher, and the failure rate is low, so that the cone crusher can continue to operate normally. It does not need to be shut down for inspection and time is spent on repairs.
Therefore, the production efficiency of cone crushers must be improved. Must avoid equipment failure?

1.Some people think that to increase the output of the cone crusher, it is necessary to fill the crusher. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Too much filler will block the feeding port. At this time, the machine will have material on the outside and idling inside. Phenomenon, the production efficiency has decreased. At the same time, if the granularity of the feed is too large, it will block the feed opening and cause the machine to run idly. This not only produces no benefits but also consumes electricity. Therefore, when feeding the cone crusher, it needs to be fed uniformly and the feed size meets the requirements of cone crushing.

2.During the operation of the cone crusher, a lot of energy will be generated. If the energy cannot be discharged in time, the parts of the machine will be damaged. Therefore, when using the cone crusher, always check the cooler, filter and oil pump, and measure the temperature of the oil. The oil return temperature should be less than 60 degrees. If the temperature is too high, s* work and check the reason in time.
3, the replacement of wearing parts should be timely, small parts have a great effect, such as liners, fixed screws, etc., if not replaced in time, it will affect the balance of the entire equipment, ranging from the amount of production to the heavy It will damage the machine.
4, pay attention to the discharge of crushed materials at the discharge port of the cone crusher, and control the speed of the belt conveyor to ensure normal feeding and discharging.
5. Pay attention to check the oil pressure of the locking cylinder. One of the prerequisites before the machine is opened is that the adjusting ring is in the locked state.

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