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Analysis of the Causes of Cone Crusher Noise

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-07-27 15:05:56

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The cone crusher works louder, so the noise will be ignored in the past, which requires our employees to pay more attention every day. In order to prevent the noise problem on the cone crusher from causing irreparable damage, let's take a look at what causes the problem. Noise problem of cone crusher equipment.

The clearance of the main parts of the equipment. The clearance between the main shaft of the cone crusher and the cone sleeve is more complicated than that of ordinary sliding bearings. The gap value is different, the upper opening is small, and the lower opening is large. In this way, the size of the fit gap is very important. If it is not suitable, there will be noise and heat easily, which will affect the operation of the equipment. The other is the gap between the eccentric bushing and the frame bushing, which also requires a large number of values, but excessive load will increase and cause noise. Therefore, the clearance of key components must be set as required.

Equipment movement analysis. Cone crusher will produce inertia force during operation, produce shock vibration and noise. At present, in order to reduce the impact vibration and noise of the hard roof, the method of adding a balance weight on the big gear is generally used for balance. But when choosing the balance weight, try to be smaller, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the crusher.

The machining accuracy of parts is not high. The design and processing of the cone crusher parts are unqualified, or the accuracy is not high, resulting in poor overall quality of the parts. It is conceivable that the installation of components on the equipment will affect the overall operation of the equipment, and the components will continue to rub under repeated impacts, so that the noise of the equipment cannot be fundamentally eliminated. Generally speaking, if the internal cause is not eliminated, the noise will continue to exist.

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