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Advantages of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in hard rock

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-07-21 15:45:23

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Among the crushed stones, there are some rocks with relatively high hardness that need to be crushed. This requires us to choose a suitable and reasonable crushing equipment. At this time, the cone crusher is our ideal choice.

There are many types of cone crushers, such as spring cone crushers, hydraulic cone crushers, single-cylinder cone crushers, multi-cylinder cone crushers, etc. These cone crushers have good performance on hard rock crushing.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has the following advantages:
1. Higher structural upgrade efficiency. Based on the unique structure of fixed spindle and eccentric sleeve rotating around the spindle, the equipment further optimizes the design of transmission rotating parts and lubrication and sealing structure. The equipment has strong carrying capacity and the installed power reaches the largest in the same model industry. , Small size, high efficiency, low noise.

2. Full hydraulic control is accurate and reliable. Using full hydraulic control, the equipment is operated hydraulically from insurance cleaning to adjustment and locking, which makes the work more stable and reliable and easy to operate. Combined with a wealth of practical experience, the hydraulic system structure is fully optimized, the adjustment control is more accurate, the automatic protection response speed is faster, and fully automated operation can be realized.

3. Integrated hydraulic lubrication equipment control automation Equipped with an integrated hydraulic lubrication system and a centralized automatic intelligent control system, which saves the investment cost of hydraulic lubrication and monitors the operating status of the equipment in real time. The control system is further optimized, the system is more stable and reliable, the safe and stable operation of the equipment is guaranteed, and the operation of the equipment is more worry-free and labor-saving.

4. The laminated crushing material has good particle shape. The material is crushed by the principle of laminated crushing. By optimizing the equipment and cavity shape, the efficiency of laminated crushing is improved. The crushing efficiency is high, the wearing parts are low, and the finished product is cubic. , High fine-grained content, improve the quality of finished products, reduce the production cost of equipment and the entire system.

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