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What are the factors that determine the output quality of the sand making machine

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-06-28 15:53:04

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The working performance of the sand making machine will directly affect the quality and output of the finished sand. In order to improve the sand making rate of the sand making machine, the equipment with good performance is the foundation. The material characteristics and working parameters of the equipment also determine the quality of the finished sand. How to choose sand-making equipment depends on the needs of customers and the standards of different users.

1. Performance of sand making equipment: The performance of the equipment directly affects the quality of sand and gravel, including the selection of equipment model and specifications. In addition to traditional sand making machines, HVI sand making machines, TK sand making machines, VSI sand making machines and other new types of sand making equipment, their working performances are different. In addition, different manufacturers have mastered the technology of sand making machines. The unevenness also causes the performance of sand making equipment produced by different manufacturers to vary.

2. Material characteristics: The working parameters of the sand making machine need to be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material. The better the quality of the finished product, the higher the sand making rate. If the characteristics of the material and the working parameters of the sand making machine are different, then the sand making rate of the sand making machine will inevitably be greatly reduced.

3. Production environment: Due to the production of raw materials, the production environment of gravel aggregates is different, the environment is complex and harsh, and the stability of sand production is poor, which will also have varying degrees of impact on the sand formation rate.

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