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How to solve common faults of sand making machine

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-05-13 16:14:27

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The sand making machine plays an irreplaceable role in the sand making of various ores and is currently an effective and reliable sand making equipment. However, the broken materials are hard materials such as limestone, marble, granite, etc. In the production, the sand making machine will inevitably encounter various problems. Once the machine fails, it will affect the production efficiency. , Which has an impact on economic efficiency. Here are some common troubleshooting methods, and I hope that it can help you when you encounter this problem again.

 1. What should I do if the equipment is unstable?
cause of issue:
① The wearing parts on the impeller are worn seriously;
② The feeding particle size is too large;
③ There are obstructions in the impeller flow path, which makes the feeding uneven and swings.
①Check the wearing parts and replace them in time to make the impeller balance;
②Strictly control the particle size of the feed, and cannot exceed the large value allowed by the equipment;
③ Check the obstruction on the runner of the impeller and remove it, and often clean the crushing cavity.

2. The equipment makes abnormal noise during the operation
cause of issue:
The connection bolts inside the sand making machine, or the wearing parts such as the lining board and the impeller, are loose.
Immediately s* the machine for inspection and reinstall the loose parts.

3. Bearing operation is not flexible
cause of issue:
Materials have entered the bearing seal cover of the sand making machine.
Open the sealing cover and clean up the foreign objects.

4. The bearing temperature rises
cause of issue:
①Dust etc. enter into bearing parts;
②The bearing is seriously worn;
③The bearing needs lubricating oil.
① Clean up the dust in time;
②Replace new bearings;
③ Add lubricating oil in time.

5. The output particle size becomes larger
cause of issue:
① Long-term operation of the equipment causes the V-belt of the transmission department to loosen;
② The feed size is too large;
③The impeller speed is unreasonable and the efficiency becomes low.
① Adjust the tightness of the V-belt or replace the V-belt;
② Strictly control the feeding particle size and feed according to the standard;
③Adjust the impeller speed to reach a reasonable standard.

The above are several common problems in the operation of sand making machine. During the production process, don't take it lightly. If you encounter an unexplained failure, you should immediately s* the inspection and contact the after-sales personnel.

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