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Which parts of the jaw crusher need to be maintained frequently

Author:Xinhai     Time:2019-09-23 15:13:54

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The main components of the jaw crusher are the jaw plate, the tooth plate, the thrust plate, the eccentric shaft and the bearing. The replacement period of these components is short. If the service life can be prolonged, the production cost can be effectively reduced. How to extend the life of the components of the jaw crusher.

1, seesaw. The slab is generally made of high-manganese steel and has a service life of only 4 months. First of all, we can improve the hardness and toughness of the slab manufacturing materials, such as the use of medium-manganese steel to make the slab, the life expectancy is increased by more than 20%; When the material in the crusher changes, we must also change the parameters of the equipment in time. If slight wear and tear are found in the production, it should be repaired in time to extend the service life of the seesaw.

2, the tooth plate. There are two main aspects to extending the life of the jaw crusher. One is to strictly control the particle size and hardness of the feed. Be careful not to allow iron or other impurities to enter the machine. The second is to minimize the impact wear of the material on the tooth plate. We can reduce the impact velocity of the material into the equipment by providing cushioning measures on the jaw crusher. It is also possible to change the thrust plate to the upper oblique type, which is beneficial to crushing the material and promoting the downward movement of the material, thereby effectively reducing the friction between the material and the tooth plate.

3. Thrust plate. The material of the thrust plate is *ly gray cast iron. The wear resistance, bending strength and impact toughness of the material are low. Therefore, in the production, bulk material should be avoided from entering the crushing cavity, and the bulk material can be blasted before entering the crushing cavity. At the same time, care must be taken not to allow non-crushed materials such as impurities to enter the equipment. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure good lubrication between the thrust plate and the liner supported by it to reduce the damage of the jaw crusher thrust plate.

4, bearings. In order to extend the service life of the bearing, it is necessary to do two things. First, properly assemble the bearing so that the bearing and other components are properly matched to ensure that the bearing has a certain working clearance. The second is to do the lubrication of the bearing in the production to ensure the good lubrication of the bearing, thus extending the bearing life of the jaw crusher.

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