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Method to reduce the wear of stone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-10-23 15:47:05

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In the production process of stone crusher, the degree of wear is more serious. It is easy to incur a lot of costs in use, * of which are caused by the wear of the wearing parts. So, how to reduce the maintenance cost of the stone crusher? Jiaozuo xinhai will introduce to you below.

1. We should all know that the liner is prone to wear in the stone crusher. Since this part is prone to wear, the liner needs more protection. For parts that are prone to wear, liners with good wear resistance should be used to reduce wear. This is the * direct method.

2. Good design can make the stone crusher use better and avoid component wear. Good component design can transfer the energy waste that originally caused friction to the crushing of materials, and it cannot reduce the wear of related components. At the same time, it can make energy utilization better and improve overall performance.

3. Due to the large production volume of the stone crusher, the equipment needs to be regularly overhauled and maintained. At the same time, good maintenance can improve the performance of the equipment, reduce the rate of wear and failure, and enable the equipment to exert better results, so as to achieve effective production.

4. for the wear surface of the stone crusher, do a good job of lubrication to reduce the friction between them to a lower level. At the same time, the lubrication of the bearings and other parts in the equipment can play a good role and play an important role in reducing wear.

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