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What causes the sealing failure of the cone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-09-28 15:43:46

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Cone crushers are mainly used in ore crushing. There will be dust in the working environment. Therefore, the cone crusher needs to be equipped with a sealing device. However, in the long-term production process, the sealing failure may occur. Why does this happen? ? The following editor will introduce the reasons for the failure.

1. The seal is damaged. If the gap between the parts of the cone crusher becomes smaller, the seal will be squeezed and severely worn, or when the worn parts are replaced, due to the different wear cycles of the seals and frictional parts, the degree of newness and oldness Different, will also cause the sealing is not tight. The second is to check whether the seal is aging. The rubber seal is affected by oil quality and temperature for a long time, which will cause aging and make the seal have problems. Therefore, timely inspection is necessary.

2. The seal is deformed. When the cone crusher is working, the strong crushing force causes the equipment to tilt or vibrate, and the seal is easy to leave the original position, and it will deform over time, and the sealing system of the equipment will fail; incorrect installation will also It will cause the seal to fail, because the installation error will cause the deformation of the sealing system; improper lubrication, insufficient lubrication will cause mixing, etc., and then the equipment runs for a long time, and the temperature rises, which will cause the seal to run poorly and then deform.

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