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What to pay attention to when installing the motor of the sand making machine

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-08-27 14:11:27

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The price of the sand making machine and the configuration list of the sand making production line. Many consumers encounter motor installation problems during the purchase of the sand making machine. In fact, the installation of the motor seems to be a subtle thing, but if a sand making machine is installed carelessly, it will cause the whole The sand production line was paralyzed.

    The installation steps and maintenance precautions of the sand making machine motor are as follows:

    It should be carried out after the installed drive shaft and gearbox. The misalignment between the centerline of the gearbox high-speed shaft and the motor shaft shall not be greater than 0.15 mm, and the belt coupling shall not be greater than 0.3 mm.

    Sand making machines often affect production due to motor failures during use. The main failure phenomena include: stator and rotor core failure inspections, and rotors are all laminated with mutually insulated silicon steel sheets, which are the magnetic circuit part of the motor. The damage and deformation of stator and rotor cores are mainly caused by the following reasons:

    (1) Excessive wear of the bearing or poor assembly can cause the stator and rotor to rub together, damage the surface of the iron core, and cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheets, increase the iron loss of the motor, and cause the motor temperature to rise too high. At this time, use fine files and other tools to remove the burrs, eliminate the short circuit of the silicon steel sheet, clean it up, apply insulating paint, and heat and dry it.

    (2) Excessive force was used when removing the old winding, which caused the stolen slot to skew and open outward. At this time, use needle-nose pliers, wooden hammers and other tools to trim, reset the tooth slot, and add hard insulating materials such as green shell paper and bakelite between the silicon steel sheets with gaps that are not easy to reset.

    (3) The surface of the iron core is corroded due to moisture and other reasons. At this time, it needs to be polished with sandpaper, and then coated with insulating paint after cleaning.

    (4) The combination between the iron core and the base is loose, and the original positioning screws can be tightened. If the positioning screw fails, re-drill the positioning hole in the machine base and tap it, and tighten the positioning screw.

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