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How to solve the very vibration of the cone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-08-06 14:46:36

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The cone crusher will vibrate under normal working conditions. This is a normal phenomenon. If we find that the vibration is severe during our daily maintenance, we need to pay more attention. I hope the following measures can help you.

1. Prevent non-crushed objects and large ore from entering the crushing cavity

After non-crushed materials such as iron, steel and other waste parts enter the crushing cavity with Xiamen large ore, the load of the crusher will increase sharply, and the impact will increase suddenly, which not only increases the instantaneous vibration of the crusher, but also causes damage to the crusher components. , Causing equipment accidents. Such as broken shaft, tooth punching, etc. Therefore, the feeder belt of the crusher (especially the feeder belt of the medium crushing equipment) must be equipped with well-functioning iron removal equipment and continuous post personnel supervision.

2. Repair and utilization of eccentric shaft sleeve and bowl support frame
Since the center of mass of the eccentric shaft sleeve is not on its axis of rotation, it also generates inertial force when rotating, and its value is equal to the mass contained in the inner hole of the eccentric shaft sleeve. To ensure its normal operation, the crushing cone spindle and the inner hole of the eccentric shaft sleeve It must be in contact along the entire length; in addition, the gap between the inner and outer surfaces of the eccentric bushing and the main shaft and the frame bushing ensures that a stable lubricating oil film is formed between the inner and outer sliding surfaces of the eccentric bushing. Therefore, the wear of the eccentric shaft and its related parts will seriously affect its normal operation. The bottom surface of the eccentric shaft sleeve can be repaired and turned after welding to restore the accuracy of the bottom surface.

3. Leveling of the body and alignment of the transmission parts
After long-term operation, the secondary concrete layer between the body and the foundation of the cone crusher will become loose. The horns of the original installation and leveling run away from the original position with the time effect of vibration, so that the body is not level. When running down, its vibration will increase. Therefore, the basic level of the crusher body must be rectified regularly in accordance with the crusher body installation quality standards to keep the body in a good operating condition. The installation of the coupling between the horizontal drive shaft and the motor shaft of the cone crusher must also be aligned and installed according to the standard to avoid vibration caused by misalignment. In addition, the rationality of the gear meshing clearance will also affect the vibration of the crusher. The assembly should be carried out according to the standard * clearance and side clearance. It cannot be too large or too small, otherwise it will cause the vibration of the crusher.


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