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What needs to be done before the sand machine is produced

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-07-06 15:53:25

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There are different classifications of sand making machines, such as impact sand making machines, vertical sand making machines, limestone sand making machines, rod mill sand making machines, etc., according to the scope of use and operation objects. If these sand making machines can be produced efficiently, it is necessary to make some preparations.

1. Preparation for feeding particle size control of sand making machine
If the feed size is greater than the specified size, entering the sand making machine will cause the impeller of the sand making machine to be unbalanced, the impeller will wear excessively, and even cause the blockage of the impeller and the central feed pipe, so that the sand making machine cannot work normally, and large materials should be removed in time .

2. Preparation for trial operation of sand making machine
The rotation direction of the motor belt should be consistent with the direction of the sand making machine. If it is opposite to the direction of the sign, the motor wiring should be adjusted, and the direction of rotation should be consistent with the sign. The number of V-belts connected to the spindle assembly is the same and should be adjusted straight. Check the correctness before production, and conduct an empty machine test before production. After 8 hours of no-load operation, after the test confirms that there is no problem, it can be officially produced.

3. Preparation of lubricant for sand making machine
Check whether the lubricating oil pipe of the sand making machine is firm. Before the trial operation, please add oil once and add special grease or 3# lithium base grease. Check whether the lubricating oil pipe of the filling wheel is firmly connected, and carefully check whether there is foreign matter on the impeller. Every 100 hours of operation, the sand machine will add an appropriate amount of grease.

4. The sand machine is shut down
Before the main machine of the sand making machine s*s, the feeding should be s*ped *, otherwise the impeller will be crushed and the motor will burn out. During operation, there must be no vibration and abnormal sounds, if any, they should be closed for inspection.

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