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How to judge the degree of wear of the cone crusher liner

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-06-08 17:15:17

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The cone crusher crushes hard materials for a long time, but the damage to the cone crusher lining board is relatively large, but it is necessary to judge the degree of wear of the lining board is not detectable in a moment and a half. Marking, judging the degree of wear of the lining board is also beneficial to the maintenance of the lining board, reducing unnecessary and wasted maintenance time in time, and improving the productivity of the cone crusher. The following Jiaozuo xinhai mine machinery will answer for you. The degree of wear:

    1. In the process of daily operation, the number of teeth that each set of lining board of the crusher has used must have a clear record. Although the salary will be a bit cumbersome, it is still necessary to do so. From the start position to the end of the use position, the position of the number of teeth must be clearly remembered.

    2. When the lining plate of the cone crusher is used every time, before turning the fixed cone in the adjustment ring, the number of teeth that have been rotated in the driving operation should be recorded.

    3. When installing a new liner, also record the number of teeth that have been driven, and compare it with the number of teeth that have been used after the cone crusher liner used before the operation is completed. The degree of wear of the board. The second is the change of the discharge port of the cone crusher. The mark made on the dust ring will also directly indicate the degree of wear of the liner. Regularly record the wear of the cone crusher lining plate, on the one hand, it can quickly determine the equipment failure, find it in time and solve it in time. The second is to replace faulty parts in time, which is beneficial to the output of the entire production line.

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