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What to do to reduce the downtime of sand making machine

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-04-22 13:45:34

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The sand machine sometimes s*s suddenly, not only causing great damage to the machine itself, but also affecting the normal production efficiency of the entire production line. Today, sand maker manufacturers will talk about how to reduce the occurrence of such phenomena and make mining equipment more in line with high-standard sand making requirements.

    First, Check the working voltage. If the working voltage of the sand making machine is unstable or too low, it is very easy to s* the crushing equipment. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should regularly check the daily working voltage of the sand making equipment, and if there is any change, it should be adjusted in time to make it meet the production working voltage requirements.

    Second, check whether the parts are loose. If the loose bush of the eccentric shaft of the sand making machine is loose, it will cause the eccentric shaft to jam and s* the crushing equipment. Also, when the parts in other key parts are loose, it will also affect the normal operation of the sand making machine. Therefore, in the daily production process, everyone should always pay attention to check whether each part is loose, to ensure that each part is firmly installed.

    Third, the maintenance of the bearing, the bearing of the sand making machine directly affects the normal operation of the machine, so the maintenance of this part is very important. In the production process, not only must pay attention to the use of bearings, but also replace damaged ones in time. Secondly, the daily lubrication of the sand making machine bearings must also be indispensable to prevent the bearing temperature from being too high to eliminate the phenomenon of sand making equipment downtime.

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