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Analysis of the reasons for the material blocking of impact crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-04-13 14:13:06

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During the operation of the impact crusher, various problems often occur. Blocking is one of the common faults in the operation of the impact crusher. In the production process, once the material is blocked, the equipment will be forced to s*, wasting a lot of time to clean up the accumulated material, affecting the efficiency of the entire production line. So, what are the specific reasons for the blockage of the impact crusher and how to deal with it?

    1. Reason: Under normal circumstances, the feed speed and discharge speed are balanced. Too much feed and too fast will cause blockage. If the discharge speed is too slow, it will also cause a large amount of material to be blocked inside the machine. Causes blockages and prevents the device from operating normally.
    Solution: To avoid overloading the machine, the feeding speed should be adjusted according to the processing capacity of the machine; the size of the discharge port should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation in production, so that the crushed material can be smoothly discharged, if the crushed material changes , The size of the discharge port should also be adjusted accordingly.

    2. Reason: It is easy to choke on an overdose or too fast at one time, and the same is true for the impact crusher. When the impact crusher feeds too much or too fast, it is too late to crush and discharge, causing blockage.
    Solution: During the feeding process, pay attention to the deflection angle of the ammeter pointer. When the feed is large, the pointer of the counter-attack broken ammeter will be too large. When the rated current of the machine is exceeded, it will cause overload operation. In such a scenario, too long working time will cause the material to block or even burn out the motor of the machine. When such a scenario occurs, on the one hand, it is necessary to immediately reduce the amount of feed and adjust it by adjusting the feeding machine.

    3. Reason: If the raw material has more water content and higher viscosity, the crushed material will easily adhere to the sides of the screen hole and the lining plate, resulting in a reduction in the volume of the crushing chamber and a lower screen hole passing rate, causing material blockage.
    Solution: You can pre-heat the counterattack plate and feed inlet, install drying equipment, or expose the material to the sun to reduce the moisture content of the material.

    4. Reason: When the hardness of the material is large, it is not easy to break, or the feed particle size exceeds the maximum range defined by the impact crusher, and the discharge port will be blocked when the crushing between the impact plate and the hammer is insufficient.
    Solution: Before the materials enter the crushing chamber, the applicable materials of the impact crusher should be clarified, especially the requirements on the nature of the materials, to ensure the correct feeding of the crusher; An electric bell and alarm flashing light can be installed at the feed port to control the feed, to avoid clogging caused by excessive input of materials; after coarsely breaking large pieces of materials, they can be thrown into the crushing chamber to make the materials reach or approach crushing as much as possible Required to avoid clogging of materials.

    5. Reason: If the main components of the impact crusher are worn (such as the wear of the hammer and the impact plate), the material crushing effect will also cause blockage.
    Solution: Pay attention to check the wear of parts, replace severely worn parts in time, ensure the crushing effect of materials, and reduce the blockage of materials.

    6. Reason: The crusher relies on the V-belt to transmit power to the sheave to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. If the V-belt is too loose, it cannot play the role of driving the sheave, affecting the crushing of the material, or making the crushed material Can not be ruled out smoothly, causing blockage.
    Solution: During the production crushing process, pay attention to check the tightness of the triangle belt, and adjust it in time if it is improper.

    7. Reason: The main shaft is the "lifeline" of the normal operation of each part of the crusher. If the main shaft is damaged, each part of the equipment will be "implicated" and cannot operate normally, so that the equipment will s* moving and cause material blockage.
    Solution: Operation and maintenance personnel should pay more attention to the maintenance and repair of the spindle, lubricate in time, do a good job of maintenance, solve problems in time, and avoid affecting normal production.

    8. Reason: Part of the reason caused by the material blocking is the error of the operator, which may cause unfamiliar with the process or a temporary error to cause the material blocking.
    Solution: Equipment operators should undergo rigorous training before they can pass the post. They must not only be familiar with the equipment operation specifications, but also understand the entire production line process.

    The blocking phenomenon of the impact crusher does not rush to repair blindly. You must * find the cause of the problem, and then take reasonable measures to solve the problem and minimize the loss caused by blocking.

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