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How to solve the dust problem of cone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-04-09 14:28:40

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The cone crusher has a good crushing effect, but everyone who has used the crusher knows that this machine often appears a lot of dust during the crushing process and diffuses into the air, which not only damages the ecological environment, but also seriously harms the health of the staff Therefore, whether the dust problem of the jaw crusher can be completely solved should be the * concerned matter in the ore processing plant now. So as a professional crusher manufacturer, based on years of research experience, tell everyone the cause and solution of jaw crusher dust.

Reason analysis of dust in cone crusher
    1. Analysis of the dust production point of the crusher The dust production source of the cone crusher mainly comes from the inlet, outlet and conveying system. The materials to be processed are crushed and crushed by the crusher, and then sent to the next process through the conveyor. In this process, a large amount of dust will be generated, and the concentration is very high. Under the drive of the air flow, the dust source will spread around. Causes serious dust pollution.
    2. Causes of dust generation at the feed inlet
    The cone crusher is not a fully enclosed equipment. During the feeding process, it is inevitable that dust overflow will occur, resulting in a relatively high concentration of dust around the feed inlet.
    3. Reasons for dust production at the outlet
    The crushed stone needs to enter the conveyor through the discharge port. Due to a certain drop between the feed port and the discharge port, a part of the stone will flow into the air. At the same time, the stone powder will also It rises and spreads around.
    Understand the reasons for the dust of cone crusher. In addition to optimizing and improving the local structure of the equipment, the source of dust can also be controlled by external force to avoid the further spread of dust.

Measures to reduce dust in crusher
    1. Set up a sealing cover at the source of the dust, and configure a water spray and dust suction device at the same time.
   (1) Two water spray nozzles are provided at the inlet and outlet of the material. The direction of the water spray nozzle should be reasonable, pointing to the source of dust.
   (2) A vacuum cleaner is arranged at the maintenance port behind the movable jaw of the crushing chamber, and the air duct connected with the fan is made into a retractable pipe, so as to facilitate daily care of the equipment.
   (3) A water spray device is arranged on the conveyor belt to reduce the dispersion of dust during the transportation process.
    2. Optimize the transformation of the chute chute tooth plate and other structures.
   (1) Properly reduce the inclination angle of the chute chute, thereby reducing the potential energy difference of the material height.
   (2) If the other conditions remain unchanged, increase the number of teeth of the tooth plate.
   (3) Replace damaged sieve plates in time to avoid the problem of increased dust caused by material blockage.

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