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What are the advantages and disadvantages of impact crusher?

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  The advantages of impact crusher are as follows:

  1. Simple structure and easy maintenance. The frame has a three-part structure. You only need to open the rear casing of the crusher to a series of maintenance and repair operations such as replacing the plate hammer, impact plate, and lining plate. The machine is sm in size, light in weight, and easy to inst .

  2. Large crushing ratio, simplifying the crushing process. The crushing ratio is gener y around 20, and the can reach more than 50. It can the medium and fine crushing or coarse, medium and fine crushing of materials at one time, saving investment and reducing production costs.

  3. Selective crushing, high quality finished product. It can achieve selective crushing. Materials with high density will be crushed into sm particles, and materials with low density will be crushed into large particles. The crushed products will have uniform material size, cubic shape and beautiful particle shape.

  4. Parts are wear-resistant and have long service life. The blow hammer is made of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium oy materials with high wear resistance and high toughness, which solves the problems of difficult crushing of hard materials and rapid parts loss, and increases the service life of the entire machine.

  5. Low energy consumption and high production efficiency. Low speed, multiple crushing cavities, a capacity of up to 800t/h, impact and impact crushing along the joint surface of the ore, because the impact strength of the material is more than ten times sm er than the compressive strength, so the impact crusher can be used compared to the jaw crusher Save 1/3 of the electric energy, compared with the roller crusher, it can save 1/2~4/5 of the electric energy.

  The disadvantages of impact crusher are as follows:

  1. The plate hammer and impact crusher wear more seriously, especi y for ores with higher hardness.

  2. The applicability of materials with mud and moisture content is relatively poor, and it is easy to get clogged in the rainy season in the south.

  3. The finished materials are mixed with a sm amount of bulk materials. The crushed materials cannot move in a Z-shaped trajectory around the rotor. Affected by mutual collisions and other factors, they may move in the axial direction, causing a sm amount of materials to escape from the crushing cavity axi y without being fully crushed, affecting the over finished product. the quality of.

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