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What factors affect the product particle size of cone crusher?

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  Product particle size is the main process indicator to measure the quality of stone products. The construction industry has higher product particle size requirements for stone than the mining industry. Especi y in concrete aggregates, the increase in needle flakes will lead to a decrease in the over compressive strength of the building and increase cement consumption during the construction process.

  When many people mention cone crushers, they think that the particle shape of the product is not as good as that of impact crusher, and the content of needle-shaped products is higher. So for cone crushers, what are the factors that affect the particle size of its products? How to improve the granularity of its products?

  1. The influence of stroke on particle size

  The stroke is the distance from the loose side discharge port to the tight side discharge port of the cone crusher. For the convenience of explanation, two different strokes of a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are used to crush the same stone and the finished materials produced are compared.

  The size of the stroke in a cone crusher depends on the eccentricity angle. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can adjust the appropriate eccentric angle according to actual use needs. The method is that the eccentric angle is composed of an eccentric copper sleeve with multiple keyways and an eccentric sleeve, and different eccentric angles are formed by rotating the eccentric copper sleeve corresponding to different keyways. In this way, according to the different properties of the ore, with appropriate strokes, the product particle size can be improved.

  2. The influence of feeding method on particle size

  Uniform circumferential feeding can not only increase product particle size and processing capacity, but also cause the crushing w and rolling mortar w to wear evenly, extending the service life.

  In actual use, to achieve uniform circumferential feeding through the material distribution plate, the height between the feed hopper and the material distribution plate be appropriately adjusted. When the height is too high, only a sm part of the stone passes through the distribution plate, so uniform circumferential feeding cannot be achieved. When the height is too low, the stone is prone to clogging and reduces the processing capacity. In addition, when the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is filled with ore, it can not only give full play to the crusher's capabilities, but also improve the product particle size.

  3. Effect of cavity type on particle size

  The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses two cavity types as shown in the figure below. According to feedback from on-site usage, the use of the improved crushing cavity not only ly increases the product particle size, but also increases the crusher throughput. The reasons are analyzed as follows:

  The par el zone has been changed from the original 96mm to the current 145mm, so that the number of crushing times of the stone in the par el zone by the driven cone has been increased from the original 1-2 times to the current 2-3 times. The more times of crushing, the better the particle size of the product obtained.

  4. The influence of production line on particle size

  The production line has two layouts: open and closed. The open production line is from coarse crushing to medium crushing to fine crushing, without recycling; while the closed production line is from coarse crushing to medium crushing to fine crushing, with some products being screened and recycled. , perform secondary crushing. The particle size ratio of products produced by closed production lines is much higher than that of open production lines. The analysis reason is that adding multiple crushing times can produce better shapes, especi y fine-material products.

  In summary, through on-site usage feedback, the appropriate cone crusher stroke is selected, the appropriate feeding method is selected, and the optimized crushing cavity type is selected to crush stone in the closed stone production line, and the product particle size is improved in efficiency.

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