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How to reduce the failure rate of cone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-06-12 16:43:18

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The cone crusher is quickly favored by the market due to its high production efficiency, uniform and high-quality crushed finished materials, etc. However, because the cone crusher is in a harsh environment for a long time, and it may also be overloaded, in the production process There will be some failures, so how do we reduce the failure rate of the cone crusher?

1. Do a good job of temperature management: In normal operation, each part of the cone crusher has a normal working temperature range. If the temperature of a certain component is abnormal, it is likely to cause damage to related components, especially for the Bearing parts, etc., if you find that the temperature is too high, you must carefully check, usually not enough lubrication is very easy to burn the bearing.

2. do a good job of dust prevention: Because the production environment of mine production equipment such as cone crusher is relatively special, it will inevitably produce a large amount of dust and fine particles during its work. If dust prevention and dust removal failures are not done, The impact of the equipment will be very large. Especially when these dust particles enter the lubrication system, it will greatly accelerate the wear of the equipment itself and affect the service life of the cone crusher, so it must be dustproof.

3. The crushing of corrosive materials should be protected, because the cone crusher can process materials with a certain hardness and acidity when working, but it is easy to crush the crusher when it is corrosive materials such as acid and alkali The components cause damage. In order to reduce this damage, usually this kind of material needs to go through the relevant acid reduction and alkali reduction treatment before the crushing, or use the special crusher related components.

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