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The development of new building materials industry is inseparable from the cone crusher

Author:Xinhai     Time:2020-04-02 14:13:02

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According to the development of the social situation, environmental protection has become more and more important, and new environmentally-friendly building materials have become more and more popular. How to turn the cone crusher as a building material production equipment has become the focus of everyone's attention. Xinhai technical engineers believe that in order to meet this requirement, it is necessary to make a comprehensive upgrade in terms of technical quality, so as to produce * environmentally friendly building materials.

The domestic cone crusher technology is not *, but it is relatively mature. In recent years, manufacturers have continuously improved the cone crusher technology. Xinhai mining machinery  has more than 20 years of cone crusher production history, complete cone crusher models, including hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, Simmons cone crusher, composite cone crusher and other types.

Among them, the hydraulic cone crusher is the * high-efficiency cone crusher developed by our company. It has an incomparable advantage for the processing of new building materials. It is the largest cone crusher with the highest production capacity among domestic equipment of the same specification. This equipment uses a multi-cylinder design.

According to the different requirements of the user, the crusher can be run at a lower speed. The gradation of the product can be changed to produce finer materials, produce better products and higher output.

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